Code Downloads:
  • Error.txt - Sample Generic Error handling code
  • OutlookEmail.txt - Sample code to email with attachment from Outlook
  • KickEmOff.txt - Sample code to remove users from database for maintenance purposes
  • GetBusinessDay - Adds/Subtracts the proper Business day skipping holidays and weekends
  • Increment - Increment/decrement any value using the + and - keys
  • FiscalYear - Fiscal year functions for use in code or queries
  • WordMerge.txt - Code demonstrating using Word Bookmarks from Access
  • DocDatabase.txt - Sample code using  undocumented feature in Access to back-up objects
  • GetReferences.txt - Sample code to print the list of an applications references
  • MultipleMail.txt - Sample code to send Outlook email to multiple recipients.
  • NotInListCode.txt - Generic code which works with all combo boxes
  • LockIt.txt - Module level code to lock/disable some or all controls on a form
  • Delay.txt - Generic code to add a delay anywhere in your code.
  • FastLookup - Generic code to replace and outperform DLookup.
  • MultiSelect - Code to use a multi-select list box as a form RecordSource
  • CountRecords - Get a counts of all records in all tables
  • FixBordersBug - Fix the dashed borders when converting to Access 2010
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